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EpalWatch: A Reaction…


Epalwatch Concern

My reaction to Secretary Joel Villanueva’s statement. For more on this, check on this twitter exchanges.

I almost smiled when the good Secretary told me that “my concern is verifiable with the Commission on Audit (COA)”. Of course it is, but how helpful is that in supporting his claim that “no public funds were spent for the erection of those billboards” (?) 

Well… okay. I have to admit, I had a good laugh with that. :-) I mean, how’s that to convince the public re: truthfulness of his statement re: billboards? Go figure.

But on a second thought – since the esteemed Secretary doesn’t seem to have any plan to support his words with any solid evidence (hard facts, so to speak),  maybe there’s an easier way to get to the bottom of things…. (quicker than checking audit records of COA. :-))

Maybe we can appeal to those generous friends/supporters of the Secretary…:-) Can you folks just ‘satisfy epalwatcher’s curiosity’ – can you please post any document i.e. copies of payment receipts for those tarpaulins (including, billboards, painting jobs on vehicles – to support Secretary Villanueva’s claims) online ?

Come on folks, help Secretary Villanueva here. You’ll be doing him a favor, believe me. If you “donated” (paid for) those billboards/tarpaulins/painting jobs on (government-owned?) vehicles out of the goodness of your hearts, then surely you’re not happy now that your actions inadvertently caused negative impact on Secretary Villanueva’s reputation, yes?

For the meantime, epalwatchers like me are waiting for those proof: either from the Secretary himself, or  from the generous friends and supporters who were more than willing to pay for a well-funded government agency‘s advertising expenses.

I, as a citizen, only wants to know the truth. For one thing, I am only reacting to what Secretary Joel Villanueva said. I’ll definitely do the same with other accountable public entities.

In the true spirit of “Daang Matuwid” – of transparency and open governance, it’s about time that all appointed as well as elected public officials of the Republic of the Philippines start presenting “hard facts” to support their claims when responding to issues. Let a documentary evidence (if applicable) speak for itself.

To all public officials – stop feeding the public BS because in doing so, you’re doing grave disservice to the Filipino people. Start giving fact-based, no-nonsense information. We are your bosses. Don’t give us the run-around trick. Respect us, and we will reciprocate.