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What Matters Most…


“Ironic that at this day and age- in spite of having freedom and free will – the humankind seems to have become the most vulnerable and the least resilient of all species.” – Leofina Jane Galleta, 5/9/2012

Daily news speaks about torments and struggles of people all over the world, but most of us can only emphatically SPEAK, not (to proactively) DO SOMETHING – about prevention of the cruelest kinds of human sufferings and deprivations that continually threatens human security.

Online reactions/real life responses of people to such never fails to baffle me to no end – a sigh of pity for a second or two, blaming the victims, blaming governments, blaming the weather even, are but the most superficial reactions (based on (real-life personal conversations & online reactions alike) I usually get when I attempt to introduce such topics to others. One thing that I further observed was that, the busier people are, the lesser ‘meaningful reaction’ they have to humanitarian concerns.

Meanwhile, some people seemed proud of themselves being identified as a supporter of this or that advocacy (or a cause) that doesn’t directly concern alleviation of human sufferings and oppression. Some even wear it like a “badge of honor”, when identified as someone who ‘cares” & emphatic enough (as per how they broadcast what they’re doing about such) to “fight” for the welfare of species (etc.) that, by nature, can survive even in the wilderness or when left alone on their own. Others would join for reasons that are still a bit more self-centered (in memory of, or in the name of somebody/something they cared about) – which means (to me at least), that in principle, one’s participation is still based upon something else, not because of the very idea of fighting against, or prevention of, unnecessary human suffering.

Not that I consider such as wrong – “to each his/her own”, after all (I definitely have no right to question other people’s choices and I am definitely not claiming I’m a self-righteous ‘doo-gooder’). I just simply wish that more people will take part – not just talk about it or tweet about it – against HUMAN SUFFERING especially when inflicted to the most vulnerable (children, elderly, disabled) . It saddens me to see that people prefers to take part in “more convenient causes” and the most they can do about issues that directly concerns human sufferings is to simply ‘tweet about’ it or talk about it.

Makes me wonder sometimes, it is really that hard to sincerely feel for, and help with, the flight of people who’ve been unwillingly pushed in to situations not as secure as what we’ve got? Can we be at peace with ourselves when the rest of humanity is continually threatened w/ harm i.e. torture, inhumane degradation, hunger, displacement, oppression and exclusion of various kinds?  Are we ‘too busy’ that we cannot be bothered about such things? Or is it because we’ve simply become too self-absorbed? Couldn’t we really be bothered (in the real sense of the word) when we read about real threats (famine, instability, persecution,  rape, etc.) towards other people who have been less fortunate to be in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time (and who were born in the midst of circumstances that posits more challenges than enjoyment of life/living)?

Does it make us “good enough” if we’ve taken up a cause or supported an advocacy, because of reasons like, it is less emotionally consuming, more suitable to our lifestyle and convenience, or less messy while simply sighing about issues whereby more attention and actions are needed, especially those ‘unfortunate events’ that makes people suffer?

I can’t help feeling more for my fellow human beings who’ve been caught in distressful/uncertain/hardened circumstances, and right now, are carrying the immense, unimaginable burdens of suffering brought about by the most inhumane hardships possible… I just wish that more people would see their situations as more pressing concern above anything else… I really am wishing for that…


 “To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.” – Johann von Goethe